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Spider veins are most often harmless, but it’s always best to get them checked out in case they’re a sign of something more serious. If you need to have your spider veins checked or removed, Michael D. Landau, MD, at Vein Care Medical Center in Beverly Grove and Walnut, California, can help. Dr. Landau is an expert in vein diseases and conditions like spider veins and provides the most advanced forms of treatment to get rid of problem veins for good. Call or send an email to Vein Care Medical Center today to schedule a consultation or book an appointment.

Spider Veins Q & A

What are spider veins?

Spider veins, also called telangiectasia and venulectasia, are small blood vessels that are visible to the naked eye. Telangiectasia is a condition in which the widened blood vessels cause a threading of red lines and patterns on your skin, like leaves on a tree. Venulectasia refers to small blue lines and patterns. Both are known as spider veins.

Spider veins commonly affect easily seen areas of your body like your lips, nose, and cheeks, but they can also affect your legs and other regions. Facial veins might not cause you the physical harm that varicose veins in your legs can, but they can lead to emotional distress just like any other skin or vein condition.

Spider veins aren’t usually harmful and often occur in otherwise perfectly healthy people. However, in some cases, they can be a symptom of a more serious illness, so it’s best not to ignore them.

What causes spider veins?

The exact causes of spider veins are unknown, but research suggests that genetics or the environment — and most likely a combination of both — have something to do with it. In addition, underlying saphenous vein disease can put pressure throughout the lower limb venous system and cause too much to fill the small vein in our skin. 

Experts believe that sun damage and long-term exposure to heat or cold considerably increase your risk of having spider veins. Exposure to the sun can certainly increase your chances of developing facial spider veins.

If you suffer from spider veins, skin irritation from abrasive sponges and soaps can make them worse.

How are spider veins treated?

Vein Care Medical Center specializes in using sclerotherapy or contact laser to reduce the appearance of unwanted spider veins. 


Sclerotherapy involves injecting a chemical solution into spider veins, or surface varicose vein, using a tiny needle. The solution blocks off the veins and stops blood flow. Your body sends the blood through different veins and the treated veins slowly shrivel up and disappear.

If you’d like to see your spider veins or varicose veins vanish before your eyes, Vein Care Medical Center combines cutting-edge technology and advanced expertise to get rid of problem veins permanently. Call or send an email today to find out more information or to book an appointment.