What is VenaSeal™?

VenaSeal™ Sapheon Closure System is an FDA approved treatment for symptomatic varicose veins offered at Vein Care Medical Center. VenaSeal™ represents the most recent innovation in the treatment of varicose veins, and Vein Care Medical Center utilizes such minimally-invasive methods and advanced procedures for both cosmetic and medical purposes.

How does VenaSeal™ work?

Through ultrasound guided implantation and visualization, endovenous laser ablation (EVLA) involves delivering targeted thermal energy to the vein in question, causing it to collapse. VenaSeal™ (cyanoacrylate) is a medical glue known previously as “Sapheon” which works to physically shut down and provide a sealant to the main defective vein. We use this VenaSeal™ as a non-surgical alternative to vein stripping, which can come along with downtime for recovery.

Is VenaSeal™ Safe?

VenaSeal™ Adhesive is completely safe, a medical grade glue used to shut the main Saphenous Vein, which is located in the thigh. Once this vein has been “glued” shut, your body will force the vein to undergo a hardening process (Sclerosis). From there, the vein in question will be gradually absorbed by the body organically.

VenaSeal™ is applied inside the vein through a tiny catheter. Your blood will be re-routed to healthier veins in the leg once the affected vein is closed. Only a small amount of VenaSeal™ is necessary to deliver optimum results in patients ranging in age. Unlike other treatments, VenaSeal™ does not require large volumes of anaesthesia, or a regional nerve block.


Patients can return to their normal, everyday activities immediately. There’s no downtime with VenaSeal™. Unlike thermal-based procedures like Radiofrequency or Endovenous Laser Ablation, VenaSeal™ poses no risk of skin burns or nerve damage. VenaSeal™ also doesn’t require the immediate post-treatment pain medication, but highly recommends wearing compression stockings attributed with traditional symptomatic varicose vein treatments.

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