Direct Vision Sclerotherapy


Direct Vision Sclerotherapy represents the gold standard in minimally-invasive spider vein treatments. This treatment is also known as Standard Sclerotherapy, and also Microsclerotherapy. Vein Care Medical Center incorporates this procedure while treating blue superficial veins (reticular veins), as well as smaller visible varicose veins on occasion.

Through the injection of a simple, special solution via small needle, Direct Vision Sclerotherapy causes spider veins to collapse from the inside and eventually harden (a process called Sclerosis). More precisely, this sclerosant solution will damage the vein’s wall at the precisely targeted injection site, causing the affected vein to harden over. Successfully treated veins will fade as the body gradually removes them — the hardened, incapacitated vein will be absorbed through the body’s natural process over the coming weeks or months.

Spider Vein Treatment with Sclerotherapy

Vein Care Medical Center treats many patients with Direct Vision Sclerotherapy and additional treatment alternatives to surgery. We can often relieve symptoms brought on by untreated varicose veins. With our minimally-invasive procedures, veins can be treated at earlier stages, which will aid in helping to prevent future and more severe complications down the road.

Multiple veins can be treated with Direct Vision Sclerotherapy. This concept can seem like more pain would come along with it, but most of our patients at Vein Care Medical Center rarely report any sort of pain or discomfort. By and large, the injections might feel more equivalent to a mosquito bite, perhaps provoking a stinging sensation for no more than a minute or so.

Contact Vein Care Medical Center today to learn more about the ways that you can benefit from our minimally-invasive Direct Vision Sclerotherapy treatment. We’ll schedule your initial consultation and answer any additional questions you might have. Together, we can relieve the appearance and effects of spider veins.

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